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The brain is the core of all
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To reach your full potential we'll help you learn to let your brain lead your way.
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Learn how your brain works

The core of all our programs is modern neuroscience. Recent discoveries into the workings of the brain make remarkable levels of knowledge accessible, with easy-to-understand language and explanations.

Learn what makes you unique

Neuroscience is the science of individuality, no two brains are the same. Learn your unique brain-based behavior DNA Matrix, use this new found knowledge to navigate important life decisions: study, work, and relationships.

Learn lifelong learning

You are not fixed and never will be. Your brain changes every day, a process that continues throughout life. Learn how your brain learns for a growth mindset to tackle opportunities and challenges, small and large.

Your career DNA

Learn to crack the code to your best career, the careers of today, and the careers of the future.
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Your DNA matrix

The DNA Matrix is a dynamic process where the brain's intricate systems align perfectly with the demands of a task, creating a harmonious and efficient synergy. 

How you think, how you communicate, how you learn, what motivates you, its all in your DNA Matrix

Learn to use your brain, learn to let your brain lead your way
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Human skills

Technology is eliminating routine low-value work in jobs, leaving more time for high-value work requiring human skills. Skills such as communication, empathetic listening, collaboration, team working, problem solving, critical thinking and creative thinking. 

Its what's inside (you) that matters:
What you'll get through your brain-based report

Your brain is complex, your report and insights are not! Here's what you'll get in your report and supporting content:
  • Behavior preferences: your brain map is a graphical portrait of how your brain likes to work
  • Work Aptitude profile:  your natural mental or physical talents for doing or learning to job tasks easily and quickly
  • Work Environment Performance Predictions: the work cultures and work environment your brain is best suited
  • Work Preference Profile: your degree of preference in a range of work activities associated with any job
  • Career development Analysis: zoom-in to 26 business related characteristics for any job
  • Your personalized careers search engine,  with graphical comparison of your preferences and aptitudes versus the ideal set for peak performance in any job in America's most extensive jobs database, O.Net.

Take your life planning and career exploration to the next level!

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Download brain-based principles

You are not your brain. Learning to let your brain lead your way results in career and life decisions becoming easier. Check out these brain-based principles.

What our learners say

What a learning experience! It helped me realize how much more creative I can become and how to apply my creativity in everyday life. After taking the PRISM brain mapping assessment, I was shocked by how much insight it gave me into myself. I would have been content with just taking the PRISM assessment and reading my results. The careers search engine is very cool and gave me insights into careers I had not considered. I now feel much more confident in making the right career decision. 

Kate Dempster

This was an absolutely amazing experience! I learned so much about how my brain works and what that means for my work life and just life in general. I cannot recommend this enough especially to people who are just starting to figure out which direction they want to go in life as this tool was extremely helpful in showing me in great detail what career choices would best fit my style of thinking, working and living. On top of that Carl and Mark amazingly displayed this class in a format that was both easy to understand and keep up with as well as being saturated with interesting information.

Seriously fantastic!

Avian Dawson

Take control of your future, learn to Let your Brain Lead Your Way to design your perfect career!


"As a professional coach, I use PRISM with my clients as the most thorough and informative instrument available. Regardless of the client's age, whether they are high school seniors or mid-career adults, I use PRISM to expand the possibilities for my clients. The fact that it individually and uniquely maps each client without boxing them into one "personality type" lends itself to creative thinking and dreams of infinite possibilities for my clients. I have found that the in-depth descriptions of workplace characteristics can also be applied to training, schooling, and college programs, not just the workplace. One client remarked that the careers search engine and their results "revealed career options I never would have considered before." I look forward to every opportunity I have to use PRISM in my work

Heidi Hackney, MS, ACC, CPCC

Our clients love us

Student satisfaction and success need people with experience, who are dedicated to make students happy and fully focused on results. I am proud to know one: Mark Tully 
Christian Muller
When i think about a extra-ordinary learning with simple concepts and fantastic after effects of learning my mind goes back to the days of  training which Mark
manoj kateja
Mark was instrumental and key to our people development. His methodology and dedication to the development of the learner is what makes him one of the most trusted, genuine and effective trainers. 
petter hattingh
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Learn life skills and lifelong learning

Transform self awareness with PRISM Brain Mapping; the world's most advanced neuroscience-based behavior analysis instrument
Course in self-discovery to help you prepare for a life of fulfilling work and reaching your potential
Courses crafted by practitioners in the fields of career and technical education, workforce development, and neuroscience 
Highly interactive digital content, AI avatar career coach and O.Net Careers Search Engine 

Career DNA Matrix - your currencies for a brighter future

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